Bumblebee gets a message from Optimus Prime in new look at Transformers spin-off

The sixth (!) entry in the Transformers film franchise is due to release this Christmas (because nothing is more festive than fighting robots) with Bumblebee, so now seems like as good a time as any to drop a new trailer.

This new look at the upcoming film features your typical plot setup: girl finds a transformer, bad guys doing bad things, world in peril etc, but we can’t deny smiling at the appearance of Optimus Prime, once again voiced by the legendary Peter Cullen.

It’s not exactly an unexpected cameo, but we’re glad he’s in it nonetheless.

This prequel movie will take place in the 1980s, and features the wounded Autobot hero finding the help of an 18-year-old mechanic (Hailee Steinfeld) and avoiding two Decepticon trackers known as Shatter (Angela Bassett) and Dropkick (Justin Theroux).

John Cena also has a role in the movie, which is our biggest reason for wanting to go and see it, to be honest.

Director Travis Knight has said that not only will his film be more lean and less bloated than Michael Bay’s arse-numbing movies, but Bumblebee will be an easy entry point for newcomers to the franchise.

Bumblebee: The Movie will be arriving on December 21, 2018 in US cinemas and on December 26, 2018 in UK cinemas.

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