Bigg Boss 14 written update day 36: Farah Khan slams Pavitra Punia and Kavita Kaushik for their fight with Eijaz Khan

Monday’s Bigg Boss 14 episode was all about revelations and contestants accepting their own mistakes. As Farah Khan came in the house for a task and shared her opinion on everyone, the housemates had a better view of their own images that is seen on TV daily.

The episode began with Bigg Boss announcing that he house will not have any red zone now. Eijaz Khan, Jaan Kumar and Nikki Tamboli were seen fighting over a previous task where Eijaz had asked Jaan to put his hands in the toilet.

Soon, Aly Goni – who has been isolated in a room – got angry and wanted to be get out of the room. Announcing that he won’t wear the mic or eat until told about the plan to get him in the house. “It maybe Bigg Boss or whatever, but it is still a show. They are not even telling me about the test reports (coronavirus test). It usually takes 7-8 hours, I have done so many shows. It does not take this long. He used abusive language as he yelled, asking to be taken out the small room and tried breaking open the door. Jasmin Bhasin then calmed him down and told him it is as per government rules that he was being quarantined.

Bigg Boss then announced that Aly was in quarantine for the safety of others, adding that everyone else also quarantined themselves before entering the house. Aly was chided for his aggressive behaviour and informed that he had tested negative for Covid-19 and his quarantine had ended. Bigg Boss asked Aly to ensure that he follows rules of the house. Aly also apologised for his behaviour before coming out in the house. He also had a pact with Jasmin that he won’t get angry and she won’t cry in the game.

Aly was playing with Jasmin’s hair when Rahul Vaidya told Nikki Tamboli that he felt bad for himself watching Aly and Jasmin. He then said he was looking for a similar friend and when Nikki asked about herself, he told her he felt a neutral bond with her. Nikki started crying saying that she expected a good relation with him. Rahul then hugged and consoled her.

The new task was then announced and filmmaker Farah Khan would play the judge. Two journalists Amith Tyagi and Charrul Malik would grill the contestants on their performance so far in the house for the Farah Ki Adalat task. By the end, one person will be nominated for evictions as well.

Eijaz was first one to be grilled and Farah said she was impressed with his patience and restraint, despite everyone charging on him. About his equation with Pavitra, she also said she does not understand it but it is clearly not fake.

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During the task, Farah also schooled everyone in the house for targeting Eijaz. The filmmaker also scolded Kavita Kaushik for talking about things she did for Eijaz. “If someone talks about being depressed or having struggled with depression, it takes a lot of courage to open up. You need to respect that!,” Farah told the housemates. Advising Eijaz to open up and lighten up a bit, Farah said that in this season, the household chores are taking over the show. She reminded them of last season when Salman Khan had to enter the house and clean dishes.

The task was carried forward for the next day.

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