Bigg Boss 12: After eviction, Jasleen Matharu calls relationship with Anup Jalota a prank

Jasleen Matharu — who made headlines for ostensibly dating singer Anup Jalota – is the latest contestant to be evicted from Bigg Boss 12’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode on Saturday. After the evictions were called off last week, double elimination took place this week on Bigg Boss 12 with Megha Dhade walking out of the house too.

Jasleen had entered the show with Anup Jalota as a couple and had accepted their relationship on air. However, Jalota denied being in relationship with her post his eviction, leaving her in a lurch. In an exclusive interview with, the aspiring singer cleared her stance on the same and spoke unabashedly about her dearest friend Sreesanth and her biggest rival Somi Khan. Excerpts from the interview:

How was the stay in the Bigg Boss house?

Bigg Boss was fun and the journey was amazing. I really loved it but the eviction was really shocking and disappointing for me.

Whom did you expect to be eliminated this week?

First, I don’t understand why we were there in the nominations. This happened because of Surbhi Rana that the same nominations were carried forward in the 12th week. I think the ones who do not deserve to be in the Bigg Boss house should have been nominated, contestants such as Surbhi, Deepak Thakur, Somi Khan and Rohit Suchanti. These four have become villains in the house as they insult and provoke everyone. From talking about Sreesanth’s injuries to doing my character assassination, these people hyped up everything. Despite all this, they are in the house and I and Megha have been evicted. This is very shocking.

You and Anup Jalota claimed to be in a relationship. Post his exit, he said that you two had a student-teacher relationship. What is the truth?

The truth is that there has always been a guru-shishya relationship between us. Before entering the Bigg Boss house, Anup Ji had called me on stage by referring to me as his shishya. Since it was a premier show with Salman Khan and Anup ji, I immediately thought of playing a stupid prank. I went on stage and cracked a joke that we were in a relationship since three years and are going in the house as a couple. I thought Anup Ji will react to the joke but he didn’t and in no time Salman sent us into the house. The prank was left incomplete and could not be cleared.

When Shilpa Shinde came into the house, she told me that the matter has turned into a huge mess. I got afraid and was hurt thinking that Anup Ji has denied having any connection with me. I didn’t know he got so hurt by my prank. A very embarrassing situation appeared for him and for my family. My father was very upset over this. Now I have cleared everything after coming out of the house and all is well.

Was your friendship with Romil Chaudhary the reason for your differences with Somi Khan?

I was very good friends with Somi but didn’t knew that Romil would come in between. I have a very good friendship with Romil and I have been friends with him even before Somi. May be she thought that he likes me more but there is nothing like that. I was just good friends with him and there was no need for her to feel insecure. Maybe it was her strategy or her game plan was threatened due to my closeness with Romil. Happy Club has been babysitting her since long, not letting her feature in nominations. May be she got jealous of me and she even said that I copy her style and what she wears. I don’t think I need to copy someone’s style, especially someone like Somi. I am already a Punjaban and wear suits occasionally. I had brought suits in my luggage and had decided to wear a suit once a week. That’s very poor thinking and I found it really cheap.

Who are your friends in the house?

Sreesanth, Megha and Dipika Kakar will definitely be my friends with whom I would like to keep in touch. We were part of the wolf pack and used to hang out together. Our friendship is here to stay.

And what about Romil?

Of course he is a friend but if he wants to continue his friendship with Somi, then he will have to choose.

Do you think entering the Bigg Boss house as a jodi did not work in your favour? You have often been accused of always requiring someone’s support in the house.

No, not at all. It was a concept and I entered the house with Anup Ji as a vichitra jodi. Neither had I needed any support nor him. We even became single after some time. I have always played like an individual and survived for 12 weeks. Somi always tries to gain support. She has been safe from evictions only because of her friends’ support. The way she has been playing, she should be nominated every week. I am very surprised she is in top 8. Niether she had any energy nor could she make a game plan. She could do nothing and doesn’t deserve to be in the Bigg Boss house. They have been protecting her like a little kid. The way Rohit and Deepak support her does not make sense. This clearly shows you are not concentrating on your game and just taking care of a baby.

Which contestants do you think would make it to top 3?

I don’t see anyone in top 3 but I really feel from my heart that Sreesanth should win Bigg Boss. He deserves to win because of what he has gone through. He has also heard a lot from the contestants about his injuries, his ban and other personal things. People were raising questions and making fun of him. Despite all this, he has been patient and behaves well with everyone rightly deserves to win this show.

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First Published: Dec 09, 2018 08:23 IST

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