Best Worst Celebrity Mom Texts from Kardashians, Katy Perry, Regina King, Josh Groban, Pink and More

David Harbour, Billie Eilish, Kiernan Shipka and more honor Mother’s Day by trying to make sense of their best intentions via text.

Moms are the best, but they’re not always the best at texting. Jimmy Kimmel shined a spotlight on some of the best, worst, funniest and incomprehensible texts celebrities have gotten from their moms.

Like his "Mean Tweets" the segment was a round-up of celebrities sharing some of the most standout texts they’ve received from their mothers, though in the case of Kourtney, it was the eldest Kardashian sister who stood out as "rude," according to Khloe.

Kourtney was laughing as she read through a series of texts she got over the course of three days asking if Kourtney wanted to come over for dinner. "I still didn’t respond," Kourtney said after the last one where Kris Jenner was clearly getting a little flustered.

"Oh my god, she’s never invited me to dinner, though," Khloe said, getting off topic, but Kim kept it on track, asking Kourtney why she ignored their mother for so long.

"Because I just forget," Kourtney said.

"That’s so rude," Khloe chastised her big sister.

But as "rude" as Kourtney was, that was nothing compared to what Rob Delaney’s mother texted him. "F–king A–hole!! ?" she texted him. She then sent "fun article" as a follow-up, blaming autocorrect for the first message. For how cursing autocorrect usually works, see Billie Eilish’s mom text.

"Did ‘fun article’ auto correct to ‘f–king a–hole’?" he asked her, and she absolutely insisted it did. But wouldn’t those words have to be learned by her messaging system, or added to the dictionary? What is Rob Delaney’s mother texting people?!

Both P!nk and Josh Groban had bizarrely marijuana-related texts from their mother, while Kiernan Shipka’s mother was all about Jared Leto and David Harbour’s mom was all about, really anything! And "Silicon Valley" star Jimmy O. Yang shared the one English text he’s ever gotten from his mom. It was only one word and he still doesn’t get it.

Katy Perry’s long rambling rant about women being the neck and men the head was bizarre and almost made no sense at all, but it was absolutely eclipsed by Regina Hall’s — uh — whatever this is.

"Jt concert tix not going to good job CCD Kjust.can’t tecxstill trying byb love you you"

Happy Mother’s Day to you, too?

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