Anjali Menon confirms Koode is an adaptation of Sachin Kundalkar’s film

Anjali Menon’s latest film Koode, starring Prithviraj, Parvathy and Nazriya, has released today in Kerala. The Bangalore Days filmmaker recently revealed that Koode is an adaptation of a Marathi film.

Anjali Menon’s Koode, which hit screens today in Kerala, stars Prithviraj, Parvathy and Nazriya Nasim in lead roles. Right from the trailer and other promotional material, there has been heavy speculation that the film could be based on Sachin Kundalkar’s Marathi film Happy Journeys. In her customary blog post before the release, Anjali Menon confirms that the film was adapted. “When my stories Bangalore Days & Ustad Hotel were adapted by other filmmakers, I was part of many discussions that made me curious about the process. I was keen to explore the process of adaptation which I think is a real challenge to do well,” she writes.

It was during this time she watched one of Sachin Kundalkar’s films. “During this time I was invited to watch a regional film and something in the film touched me. I found myself re-imagining the story in a different way and when I discussed it with its makers they graciously offered the adaptation rights to me,” she wrote further adding “KOODE is an adaptation of the original story by Sachin Kundalkar. I am honoured that he trusted me with the story and it has been a rich learning experience for me. For those who have seen the original please be prepared to see a different interpretation. ”

This is the first time Anjali is adapting a film and she also requested everyone to not reveal the surprise of the film. “… he had some advice – to keep one peculiar element under the wraps as they had done. They explained that on release they had even requested their media and the audience to not reveal the story so that the movie is not spoilt for the rest of the audience… I humbly request our audience and media to not share that element in their reviews so that everyone may experience the movie first hand.”

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