‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse’ May Be Giving Credit To A Popular Fan Theory

Billie Lourd is going to be the one American Horror Story: Apocalypse depends upon, according to reports from E! Online.

At least that’s how things are appearing after Wednesday’s episode of the popular horror anthology when Lourd’s character Mallory passed the test of the Seven Wonders. This was widely speculated by fans of the show on the internet before the official reveal, with many noticing that with her powers, she could become the next Supreme.

Mallory revealed the strength of her ability when Coco, played by Leslie Grossman, was practicing her ability to determine how many calories were in a food before ending up choking on a snowball, with Mallory stepping in to revive her by magically creating a hole in Coco’s neck to retrieve the snowball lodged in it. Only weeks after committing a similar act on a dead deer, not just reviving it, but returning it to its youthful stages, fans have been going wild with speculation that she is the next Supreme, perhaps the good to Michael’s evil.

The extent of her powers have not been revealed, but with Apocalypse taking place in 2020, two years before the Hotel season of the show, there may be some credence in her ability to put time completely in reverse.

All that we officially know as of today is that Michael and the witches were locked in a battle before the bombs were set off. Ms. Mead and the evil warlocks were burned at the stake once Mallory resurrected John Henry, leaving Michael isolated but still with the capability of bringing about the apocalypse.

There were some other important revelations from Wednesday’s episode, in particular how Myrtle was able to return. Once Cordelia became aware of how the situation would change, she broke her strict orders and used most of her strength to bring her back from the dead.

The show’s new voodoo queen was also introduced. Dinah had made previous appearances this season, but now fans saw who she really was before she had her memory wiped and was placed in the bunker. She introduced Papa Legba to Cordelia, but Cordelia had no plans to offer any of her young witches to join Legba and Nan in Hell, which caused Legba to refuse to provide any help. Fans doubt that this will be the end of Dinah and Legba’s involvement with this season.

Perhaps the most enjoyable reveal centered around Bubbles McGee. The lovable grandmother character from the first few episodes has turned out to be a witch herself, albeit before she had lost her memory. McGee was once a film star with telepathy and best friends with Myrtle, causing fans to clamor for more backstory on the show favorite.

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