Loris Karius influenced by concussion during Champions League final, says Jurgen Klopp

Loris Karius made two errors in Liverpool's 3-1 loss to Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League final in May.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp on Friday stressed that goalkeeper Loris Karius was affected by a concussion during the Champions League final clash against Real Madrid. It was a night to forget for Karius as he committed two major errors on road to Madrid’s 3-1 victory. Later, it emerged that the German goalkeeper showed “26 of 30 markers for a concussion” after colliding with Sergio Ramos at one stage during the game. Speaking to reporters, the Liverpool boss said that his team does not use the concussion as an “excuse” but an “explanation” of what went down.

“We don’t use it as an excuse, we use it as an explanation. For me, it is 100% the explanation [for his performance]. He was influenced by that knock – that is 100%,” he was quoted as saying by BBC.

He further added that Karius has also never used it as an “excuse”. “If you ask Loris, he says he didn’t think about it and didn’t use it for a second as an excuse,” he said. “From this point of view, from my side everything is fine. We don’t think about that anymore and we start completely new,” he further added.

The former Borussia Dortmund manager further added that the thought regarding the concussion did not occur to him initially but he was compelled to investigate after former Germany captain Franz Beckenbauer approached him with the diagnosis. Klopp explained that the former Germany manager told him that a highly respected doctor believed that Karius suffered concussion in Kiev that night.

“I got all the pictures from different perspectives, saw it and thought ‘how can we all think that the boy who didn’t show any weakness in that game, until then, made these big mistakes in a very important game and nobody thinks it’s because of the knock he got?’ How can we think that? That was, for me, the explanation and I thought: ‘OK, come on, we need to check that,’” he said.

He further added that Karius showed signs of concussions five days after the match. “I thought it was too late, you cannot check that. But now I know a concussion isn’t coming and going in a day – if you have one, you see it days later. Five days after the final, Loris had 26 of 30 markers for a concussion still. That’s clear,” he said.

Liverpool will travel to face Chester City in a pre-season friendly on Saturday and Karius has been included in the squad.

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