You may have seen ‘The cat in the Hat’ or ‘Puss in Boots’. Now get ready to see cats in the shelf

Cats are known to be gracious creatures which may be why they are sometimes found chilling nonchalantly in some rather unusual places, such as a clothes-drying rack. These two felines are using that grace to try and shimmy into a rather unimaginable space. Will they succeed?

Shared on a TikTok account that documents the everyday life of two cats called Chibi and Oatley, the video has been aptly captioned, “My cats turning around in this little shelf is all you need to see today”.

The recording starts with a close-up of the black-furred cat Chibi as it tries to fit itself into the tiny shelf. After having carefully situated itself inside the storage space, the kitty turns so that its head is facing outward. A successful attempt!

However, we cannot say that Oatley, the white-and-brown furred feline, was as lucky. Even though it had a strong start in the shimmy-in games, the shuffle to turn its head outward cost the cat the match. With half of the feline’s body hanging out, it thought it was best to just jump out and save face, pun intended.

Well, we guess there are two types of kitties in this world. But worry not, they are both winners in our eyes.


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Since being originally shared on May 1, the recording has garnered more than 1.5 million views and almost 2,500 comments on the video-sharing application.

Here is how TikTok users reacted to these cats. One person said, “Aww, the second one almost had it lol! Walked off like he meant to do that”, while another wrote, “Thank you for this pure serotonin”. Truly, this is happiness kept on a shelf.

What are your thoughts on these cuties?

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