Womanhood is not about being brave or powerful, but being yourself: Kristen Bell

Being a woman "isn’t about being anything specific. It is just about giving yourself permission to be the things you already are," said Kristen Bell.

At the Critics’ Choice Awards 2020, actress Kristen Bell delivered a powerful speech on womanhood on being awarded the #SeeHer award.

The coveted award reportedly recognises women who “push boundaries on changing stereotypes and acknowledge the importance of authentic portrayals of women across the entertainment landscape”.

In her acceptance speech, the actress remarked, “Sometimes I do get asked, ‘What does it mean to be a woman today?’ And I respond always by asking them to repeat the question so I can buy more time, because it’s a really, really hard question. My immediate reaction is always to answer with words like strong and brave and powerful.”

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But Kristen actually believes that womanhood is not about being brave or powerful but about having agency and not restricting oneself from being who she really is. “…Which seems very easy, but it is not, because women have been conditioned to fit into boxes. Usually tiny, pretty sparkly boxes, with bows on them generally,” she expressed.

Urging women to own their complexities, she further said, “Nobody is just one thing. We are all, all of the things. So thank you for this, the reminder to see her and see myself in total, the brave parts, and the cowardly parts and even the parts that cry at sloths.”

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