Woman tries to sing like Elsa from Frozen II but her performance doesn’t go as planned. Watch

Have you ever spoken into the abyss and waited for an echo back? Well, this lady just experienced the Frozen II version of that same scenario and she seems a little shook.

This over five-second-long video was shared on Reddit on March 24. Captioned “she got scared”, the clip has been gaining popularity. And funny it is!

It shows a woman standing on her balcony singing the melody Elsa sang while standing in a similar position in Frozen II. In the movie, an unknown voice echoed the notes back to the ice-queen of Arendelle which became a focal point of the plot.

It is not clear what the woman in this video was expecting but what she heard back definitely didn’t garner the same reaction Elsa had in the film. While Elsa heard a soft angelic voice, this woman’s melodious call was reciprocated by a man screeching. The yell was so loud and unexpected that it left the lady feeling “scared”. Well, at least he followed the note placement correctly.

The video currently has over 47,200 upvotes and 700 comments.

She got scared from r/funny

Reddit users had amusing responses to the post. One person tried to guess what the lady must be thinking, commenting “do I really sound like a wailing man”? Another joined the trend responding with, “I think I sound fine but when I hear recordings I am 100% Kermit the frog”.

One Reddit user said, “awkward”. To which someone responded, “misspelt awesome”.

Somebody said, “this is the best thing I’ve seen in quite a while. I laughed so hard”. While another wrote, “I died there. ROFL”.

This wailing may not have been the call ‘into the unknown’ this woman was expecting but it was unquestionably entertaining for us to watch. What are your thoughts on the video?

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