Woman gives sister who keeps taking her stuff this Christmas present. Check it out

If you have a sibling, then you may know that play fights are part and parcel of this amazing, and sometimes annoying, relationship. The notion is represented very aptly by this Twitter thread which documents an incident between two sisters. The thread entertained many netizens and reading it may leave you in fits too.

Twitter user @_LoveJazziee shared this post on the micro-blogging platform on December 24. In it, she details how she’d put cameras in her room so that she could record her sister sneakily taking her things. “So for Christmas each gift box with her name on it will contain a freeze frame picture of her in my room taking things she told me, to my face, that she didn’t take,” reads a line of the tweet.

Check out the whole post here:

To say that tweeple were intrigued would be an understatement. The share quickly garnered over 3.5 lakh likes and many comments from netizens.

On Christmas day, December 25, @_LoveJazziee shared some updates with those invested in the story.

Here’s how tweeple responded to the tweet. One person said, “You have to, you already got us excited”.

Another individual wrote, “Na this is the perfect opportunity. it’s the season for giving you you’ve clearly given her enough”. “Dude Christmas 2020 isn’t like other Christmases… Anything goes this year. Especially stuff like this,” read one comment under the post.

Here are some other tweets from the thread:

If all this suspense has got you on the edge of your seat, anticipate no more. Here’s what happened next. The original poster did end up going through with the plan and subsequently tweeted her sister’s reaction.

Check out that tweet here:

Here’s what tweeple had to say about the clip. One person said, “Her ‘Ok and’ game in on point”.

Another individual wrote, “Straight up, she won me over with her composure”. “My younger sisters have taken my things for our entire lives. I feel your pain,” read one comment under the recording.

What are your thoughts on this share? Did you relate to these ‘sister struggles’ too?

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