Woman finds crystal that looks like fried chicken, pictures may leave you craving for some

An image, which is now going all sorts of viral on social media, may leave you very hungry. The picture in question is of a crystal which looks exactly like a piece of fried chicken.

Amelia Rude, who runs a bracelet business, bought the piece from her friend and it came into the limelight after its image was recently shared on Twitter. “Crystal that looks like chicken tender alert,” shared with this caption, the post quickly piqued people’s attention and went all sorts of viral.

Since being shared, the post gathered over 2.8 lakh likes and close to 54,000 retweets. It has also received more than 2,300 comments with people dropping all sorts of reactions. While there were a few who shared similar images of crystals resembling different food items, a few were simply mesmerised. In the post’s comments section, Rude also replied, “That is, in fact, my hand and chicken crystal.” After that, people also dropped comments congratulating Rude for her amazing find.

Taking to Instagram Rude also shared some more images of this amazing – and absolutely delicious looking – crystal. Take a look, but we must warn you that the images may leave you hungry.

People on Instagram also shared similar comments as tweeple. They too were simply amazed and impressed. Let’s take a look at how netizens reacted.

Here’s a Twitter user who shared an image of a crystal that looks like a cheesecake:

“This confused me because I thought that was a KFC’s chicken piece and it made me very hungry,” wrote another user of the micro-blogging site. Expectedly, many dropped similar comments and wrote that the piece looks delicious.

Here is an individual who shared an image of a crystal that looks like a potato and we do see the resemblance. Do you?

Then there is this image and it’s beautiful:

“Fried chicken,” wrote an Instagram user. “Making me hungry,” wrote another. “How amazing,” expressed a third.

What do you think of the image? Did it leave you hungry too?

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