Wolf grooms another to reaffirm emotional bond. ‘Romantic sniffs,’ say people

This is a video which is not just beautiful but shows an incredible gesture of intimacy practiced by wolves. Shared on Wolf Conservation Center’s official Twitter handle, the video is all about love and more.

The clip opens with two wolves, one black coated and another white furred. Throughout the clip, the black coated one keeps on grooming the other. Despite seeming like a simple gesture, the video is something which is an absolute delight to watch.

In the caption, the organisation detailed that this habit of grooming of wolves is a way to reaffirm their emotional bonds and showcase intimacy.

Take a look at the video and chances are it’ll melt your heart:

With over 78,000 views, the video has tugged at the heartstrings of many. This simple display of emotion of the wild animals has left many impressed. Did it have the same effect on you too?

“So incredibly beautiful,” wrote a Twitter user. “Aww! So very sweet and beautiful,” tweeted another. “They are gorgeous,” wrote a third. Expressing the same notion, another user of the micro-blogging site commented, “stupendous creature.”

“Romantic sniffs,” wrote a Twitter user and many agreed with them too.

What do you think of the video?

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