US Election 2020: Jill Biden’s ‘You Are Fired’ video goes viral, people turn her words into hashtag

As counting of votes for US Election 2020 continues, people from all over the world are taking to Twitter to share various posts. Amid that, a video by Dr Jill Biden, wife of Democratic US presidential nominee Joe Biden, has captured people’s attention. Shared originally on November 3, the video is now going viral.

In the video, Dr Biden is seen asking people to vote. During her speech, she says, “Are you ready to tell Donald Trump, you are fired.” People soon started sharing all sorts of posts by turning the words “You are fired” into a hashtag. It gained even more popularity after a fan account of Jill Biden shared her video with the caption, “Can we Get 10k Replies with #YouAreFired , Let’s make it a trend.”

Take a look at the post Jill Biden shared:

Since being shared a few hours ago, the video has gathered nearly 2.4 lakh views. It has also collected tons of responses from people. Twitter is now flooded with memes and reactions which people are sharing using the hashtag #YouAreFired. Some tweeple are simply using the hashtag in their tweets.

The race for the White House has come down to the few remaining states where the counting is still going on. A candidate needs 270 electoral votes or more to win. Currently, Joe Biden is leading with 264 and Donald Trump has 214.

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