US Election 2020: When we might know results

As Democrats inched closer to the magic number of 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidential election, Republican candidate and incumbent president Donald Trump challenged the vote count.

While Joe Biden has secured 264 electoral votes, Trump stands at 214. However,  since five states are still left uncalled, including key states Pennsylvania and Nevada, the path to the White House is still open for both contestants.   

What are we waiting for?

Joe Biden has won in key states including his home state Delaware, California, New York and Washington and US media outlets have projected wins for Trump in 23 states including Florida, Texas, Indiana and Ohio. However, five states — Alaska (3 electoral votes), Georgia (16), Nevada (6), North Carolina (15) and Pennsylvania (20) — have not been called in the presidential race. 

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Alaska- Alaska being a red state, which will most probably elect Donald Trump, the suspense is not high. Senator Dan Sullivan, a Republican, is also likely to win the race to the US Senate.

Georgia- Counting of votes in Georgia was delayed on Wednesday after a pipe burst  at a site in Fulton County where election officials were counting absentee ballots. Georgia is one of the states where Trump’s reelection campaign has filed a lawsuit to prevent late-arriving ballots from being counted.

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Nevada- Counting is underway in this state. It will accept mail ballots till November 10 as long as they have the stamp of the election day.

North Carolina- North Carolina too, will accept mail-in ballots that arrive through November 12. Donald Trump is narrowly ahead of Biden in his state.

Pennsylvania- In the crucial state of Pennsylvania, which has 20 electoral votes, counting of votes has resumed. Trump has filed a lawsuit here too, claiming that increased voting by mail has led to widespread fraud.

What the candidates are saying

While incumbent President Donald Trump told supporters on Wednesday that the Republican Party had won the election, Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s message to his supporters was to ‘keep the faith’.

“As far as I am concerned, we have won the election…we have won everything…they cannot chase us,” Trump said.

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On Thursday morning, Biden also exuded confidence and predicted a win. “It’s clear that we’re winning enough states to reach (the) 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency,” news agency Reuters reported Biden as saying. 

“I’m not here to declare that we’ve won. But I am here to report that when the count is finished we believe we will be the winners,”  Biden said, appearing with his running mate Kamala Harris in his home state of Delaware.     

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