UPSC civil services prelims 2020: Last minute tips to improve your chances to qualify

The civil services preliminary examination is a gateway to Civil Services which is considered among the coveted services in India. The CSE examination is considered as the most competitive examination with about seven to eight lakh students appearing in the preliminary stage. Therefore, aspirants must utilize a limited time frame before the examinations to maximize their level of preparation. With meticulous planning and a careful strategy, aspirants can ace the preliminary stage.

In these last days of preparation, aspirants must focus on revising their syllabus and making sure that they remember their study material well. The following article contains some last-minute tips and tricks that the aspirants should follow to improve their score.

Stick to the Syllabus

Students should revisit the syllabus and stick to it strictly. They must resist the temptation of studying topics that are irrelevant to the syllabus. Remember, the examination is more of a test of your personality rather than knowledge. Also, they must not fall prey to reading a new textbook or notes during this time. Revise and revise. Your handwritten notes will come handy at this time. Focus on conceptual clarity instead of merely cramming facts.

Manage your Study Time

Aspirants must manage and organize their time well to revise all the topics that they have prepared for. The selective intensive study must be followed to concentrate on your key strength areas. It is the quality of preparation rather than quantity that matters. Take a short break every hour. Try to assess the time of the day when your concentration level is the highest and utilize it for your studies. Do not think about the past results and instead concentrate on the present.

Focus on Current Affairs

Students should be thoroughly abreast of current affairs. Studying at least one newspaper daily is a must especially opinion columns that give you a perspective on current events. Aspirants need to have a strong base knowledge of major topics in the syllabus, including awareness of key current developments in India and worldwide.

Practise Mock Tests and Previous Year Papers

Solving mock tests and previous years’ papers helps you to get into the frame of the examination and manage your time well during the examination. It also makes you familiar with the pattern of the question paper. Try to solve as many mock tests as you can. This will boost your confidence. It is also important to keep a balance between your speed and accuracy.

Stay positive

It is important to stay positive throughout the examination cycle. It is imperative to keep reminding yourself that your preparation is up to the mark and it is just an ‘examination’ at the end of the day. It is important to maintain calm. Practising a 5-10-minute meditation also helps to cope with stress.

Do not overstretch a day before the examination and sleep well to stay fresh in the examination hall.

Clearing Civil Services examination requires unparalleled levels of commitment and hard work. However, numerous aspirants qualify it for every year through smart planning and strategy. So, aspirants must keep their faith in themselves while preparing for this examination.

(Author Rohit Manglik is CEO, EduGorilla. Views expressed here are personal.)

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