Total despair

A horrible day! We got our mid-term results and… Let’s say things could have been better.

Hello from the depths of despair, everyone. Things have not been good around these parts. Okay. Things have been terrible. Miserable. Atrocious. I failed two of my mid-terms and just scraped through in another. To make matters worse, I was the only one who failed in my class. Even H, who drew Manga style pictures in the margins of all his papers passed.

In the doldrums

It was so embarrassing. Worse than the time I called our history teacher Amma. Don’t ask.

So, how does someone fail a mid-term exam? According to my teachers: poor spelling, lack of punctuation, incomplete answers and also totally wrong answers. That’s just some of the responses I got, when I made the mistake of asking my teacher this question.

So, the only thing worse than failing in exam, being the only one in your class to fail, crying in front of your entire class when you do, and then having the ENTIRE grade find out you failed, is having to go home and tell your parents about it. I felt ill the entire school bus ride home. The only kind of nice thing was that the PB instead of being his usual smug, gloating self, was actually kind of nice to me. He even said, “I’ll tell them I did it”, which I had to explain wouldn’t work. But I did ask him to hold on to that offer for the next time I broke a vase in the house, when I’m practising my bowling.

It’s really hard to find a good time to break bad news to your parents. I mean, do you do it when they’re in a good mood, hoping that the good mood will mean they won’t yell as much? But then, you’re taking their good mood and making it a bad mood. If you tell them when they’re already in a bad mood, it might make them yell even more and then put them in a worse mood. Or maybe, you should tell them when they’re in the middle of an office call and then they can’t yell or scream because their boss is on the other end of the call.

Ultimately, I did none of these. When she opened the door, Amma took one look at my face and knew something was wrong. The ugly truth came out of me in one giant, crying, snotty mess.

Maybe it was the crying. Maybe it was the snot everywhere; that was kind of gross. But I didn’t get yelled at. Instead, Amma told me the time she failed a bunch of exams when she was in school. And people, her grades were WAY worse than mine. Of course, after that I had to listen to all the things wrong with my answer paper — poor spelling, lack of punctuation, incomplete answers and also totally wrong answers. And I didn’t even ask her. Oh well.

So, failing taught me two things — the PB can be kind of cool. And even parents who seem like they know everything, were once kids who failed in school.

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