Tiny tot celebrates as football team scores a goal, people say ‘aww’

This is a heartwarming moment which showcases a kid’s celebration after a football team scored a goal. A video of the tiny tot’s antics is now winning people over and it may make you chuckle too.

Though old, the video again came into the limelight after recently being shared on Twitter. Posted with the caption, “This is guaranteed to bring you some joy,” the clip may end up doing just the same.

The video shows the kid sitting on a tiny yellow chair in front of a TV where a football match is playing. Identified as Angelo George Chapman, the kid is an avid fan of the game, reports Daily Mail. The video progresses to show the little one jumping out of his tiny chair and throwing his hands up in the air while shouting “goal” as one of the teams scores a goal.

The video has melted hearts of many and can have the same effect on you too:

Since being tweeted, the video has gathered over three lakh views – and the numbers are still increasing. Additionally, it has also received more than 1,200 likes and close to 250 retweets. People were very happy to see the video. Some even confessed that the clip made their day a little brighter.

“I love love love this one,” wrote a Twitter user. “Love it, what a legend,” expressed another. “Adorable! This clip did bring a genuine smile to my face for the first time in weeks,” happily wrote a third.

Here’s how others reacted:

What do you think of the video?

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