This video may make you wonder what ferrets are made out of. Watch

If you believed that ferrets were made out of bone and marrow like their fellow mammal friends, this video may make you think again.

The just over 10-second-long clip was posted on Reddit on May 24. Shared on the subreddit ‘aww’, the video has been captioned, “Are ferrets liquid??”.

The recording shows a transparent tube that has been draped onto the side of a staircase inside a house. As soon as the clip begins, a white-furred weasel-esq creature is seen running down the tube. It shifts and moulds its body to complement the curves of the tube. Before you know it, the ferret’s squeaky-looking face is peeking out of the other end of the clear pipe.

Wow, does this animal even have a spine? Since being shared, the post has amassed almost 10,000 upvotes and nearly 150 comments.

Are ferrets liquid???? from r/aww

Here is how Redditors reacted to the share. One person said, “I’ve never had a ferret but I’m now a firm believer that they all need one of these clear tubes”. While another individual wrote, “I had an aluminium version for my ferret, Garret. He’d fall asleep in it and you’d have to feel around for the warm lump to find him”. Garret the ferret sounds like a dream pet, honestly.

“Pretty sure ferrets are just cats in a different mood and cats exist in a liquid state so I would say yeah ferrets are liquid too,” read one comment. While another Reddit user stated, “that squeeee happy ferret face at the end”.

Truly, this is one of the cutest animal videos we’ve seen all day. What about you?

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