This tweet about setting 5 alarms has tweeple saying ‘same’. Do you relate?

Are you someone who finds it extremely difficult to wake up in the morning? Do you find yourself snoozing your alarm several times before you finally reach the threshold beyond which making it to class or work would require a serious miracle? Despite several near-misses, do you still follow the same pattern even after promising yourself a million times that from tomorrow you will make a conscious effort to wake up on time? If the answers to these questions were yes, yes and yes, you may also find this tweet about waking up and setting alarms extremely relatable.

A tweet shared by Praveen Angusamy, IFS highlights a similar case. He details how he needs to set more than one alarm to wake up every morning.

“I keep 5 alarms because I’ve known myself for 28 years and I don’t trust my sleeping self,” he tweeted. “First 4 alarms are to avoid getting lectured by boss. 5th alarm is to avoid getting fired,” he posted further, adding, “What about you?”

He also shared a picture of the alarms set by him:

Since being posted on August 19, the tweet has collected several reactions from tweeple who cannot help but share their own alarm system. Of course there are also those who don’t need any alarms to wake up.

Here’s an individual who needs four alarms.

Another shares a similar situation:

For some, even the alarm may not do the trick:

“Ironically , I rise some minutes before the alarm starts buzzing,” shared an individual.

Here’s what another shared:

To which Angusamy replied, “My pillow just hates me I guess”.

What about you? Do you relate to this tweet?

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