This Chennai chaat centre wants you to respect the ‘fillings’ of samosas

The Internet is filled with quirky and hilarious posts that never fail to make people giggle hard. This Reddit post about samosas and kachoris perfectly fits that description. The share may spark real ‘fillings’ inside you too.

“Never hurt a samosa,” reads the caption of the ‘warning’ post. The image shared with the post shows a receipt from a chaat centre in Chennai. The receipt looks normal until one reaches the bottom part. Wondering what it says? Take a look yourself.

Shared on December 25, the post has garnered over 3,000 upvotes and many comments from netizens. Many praised the chaat centre’s witty wordplay.

“They are stuffed with feelings while making,” joked a Reddit user. “Never hurt a samosa? But it can hurt me with its price? Unfair!” commented another. “Hahaha too expensive filling,” wrote a third.

“I totally didn’t expect that ending!” said a fourth.

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