This cat video perfectly depicts the difference between the honeymoon stage and marriage stage of being a pet parent

Many may agree that being a pet parent is probably as fun and rewarding as it is tiresome. This sweet dichotomy is showcased best in this cat video which depicts the difference between the honeymoon stage and marriage stage of raising a feline.

Posted on Instagram on June 4, the clip was shared from Benedict, a British Shorthair cat’s very own account. “He fooled us all,” reads the text shared alongside the post.

The clip shows Benedict’s feline brother, Aspen. As the video begins, text reading, “The honeymoon period,” appear on the screen. Herein viewers see Aspen looking calm and serene while he gets cuddles from his hoomans.

Suddenly, the music changes and the word, “Marriage,” appears on the screen. The tune is accompanied by shots of Aspen doing cheeky things, such as playing with toilet paper and hanging off the shower glass.

Check out the video here:

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He fooled us all…

A post shared by Benedict the British Shorthair (@_bennyfromtheblock_) on

Since being shared, the post has accumulated almost 2 lakh views and many funny comments. Here is how netizens reacted to Aspen and his sometimes loving, sometimes derpy antics. One person said, “Oh you naughty boy,” but end the comment with a heart emoji. Another wrote, “Omg the shower bit”.

“But let’s be honest, you all wouldn’t have him any other way,” read one comment and we wholeheartedly agree. “Beautiful Aspen, such a happy kitty,” declared an Instagram user. Aspen is one purrrty kitty, for sure.

Many cat parents left comments relating to the video. Somebody stated, “Pretty much my experience with my cat”.

What are your thoughts on the clip?

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