The spectrum is widening now, says Gopal Datt

‘Tera Naam’ and ‘Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai’ fame actor Gopal Datt has done a lot of memorable comic roles so far, and it took him nearly two decades to come of that genre. The felicitous change happened with the Emmy Award-winning OTT series ‘Delhi Crime’ where he played the role of a cop.

Currently shooting in Lucknow, the actor said, “Unfortunately, there is a ‘bhed-chaal’ (herd mentality) in the industry that you get roles only in the genre that give you popularity. You are not offered work of your choice. ‘Delhi Crime’ changed that perception. Working with Richie Mehta (director), it has been one of my finest works and experiences so far.”

He had been doing varied roles in the theatre but he was not getting that opportunity in films and TV. “That is why theatre is considered a lab where we can experiment. Earlier, the roles I was getting were on similar lines as everyone wants to play safe. To run your house and deposit EMI’s we need to work so cannot deny work and roles in the long run. As an actor, you do not have many options and have to choose from what you are offered,” Gopal said.

The actor is now in a happy space. “Thankfully, like theatre, on OTT too, people have started experimenting, which is benefitting actors like us who were seen in a particular image. I am making an extra effort to explore different genres, and I am getting interesting roles too. Now, the spectrum is widening!”

His versatile act in ‘A Simple Murder’ was hugely appreciated, describing which he said, “I will give credit to my director Sachin Pathak’s vision. There is a very thin line when comedy can do wrong, especially when you are playing a cop. I am glad that it all came out well, and the audience appreciated it. In this (current) series, Sachin has carved another interesting role for me.” His next work is set in his hometown Nainital.

On coming to Lucknow once again, he said, “I have been regular to the city for work. I did a cameo here in ‘Jabaria Jodi’. Besides, I have done a couple of stage performances, including Repertwahr Festival and attended Sanatkada Festival twice. Since I have landed here, my diet has gone for a toss, and I am just relishing tasty Awadhi cuisines.”

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