Tamil Nadu bakery makes 6-foot-tall cake of Diego Maradona

A Ramanathapuram-based bakery owner made a Diego Maradona statue of cake and placed it outside the shop in Tamil Nadu on Saturday as a tribute to the late football legend.

The bakery made the six-foot- tall statue of cake in four days using 60 kg of sugar and 270 eggs.

“Every year during the Christmas and New Year celebrations, the bakery make statues of celebrities of cake and displays them in public. During the last few years, the bakery has put up statues of Ilayaraja, Abdul Kalam, and Bharathiar in Keksila,” said Satishranganathan, an employee of the bakery.

“We made this statue to pay homage to the footballer who died last month and to urge the youth play in the field instead of on their mobile phone and computer. He said playing sports would promote physical health and mental well-being,” he said.

Satishranganathan said that Maradona who was born in a small town in Argentina shone in football due to his efforts. He will be remembered in the same way as Tendulkar is remembered for cricket, Usain Bolt for 100-metre dash and Mike Tyson for boxing.

Maradona helped his country Argentina win the FIFA world cup in 1986. He passed away on November 25 after suffering a heart attack.

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