Social distancing: Video of octopus hiding inside a shell aptly captures its meaning

One of the worst threats of recent times, coronavirus, is upending our way of life. With Prime Minister Narendra Modi announcing total lockdown of the nation for the next 21 days, social distancing is the new way of living. And, a video shared by IFS officer Susanta Nanda aptly shows how it should be done.

“Safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless,” Nanda wrote and shared the video of an octopus. He explained that the creature is a coconut octopus and it goes into isolation whenever it feels threatened. “Time to get into self-isolation like it, to prevent spread of Corona pandemic,” he wrote. Nanda concluded the post with a note of caution, “let’s prepare & prevent so that we don’t have to repair & repent later.”

In the video, an octopus crawls inside an empty shell. As soon as it reaches inside, it shuts the shell using its tentacles.

Since being shared a day ago, the video has garnered over 9,200 views. People agreed with the IFS officer and wrote that social distancing is the way to break the chain of the coronavirus outbreak. Some also tweeted that they’re simply amazed to see such a creation of nature.

“Self-lockdown!” wrote a Twitter user. “Wow! Never knew such species of octopus existed,” commented another. “This is what we need now,” expressed a third. “I have never seen anything like this in 50 years of my life. Stunning!!” wrote a fourth.

“This virus has been spreading very fast across the world. It spreads like wildfire. Looking at the experience of these countries, and what the experts say, the only successful way to tackle the spread of the virus is social distancing,” said prime minister yesterday while announcing the lockdown.

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