Rescuer finds glove wedged in fox’s mouth, her quick actions save the mammal

In today’s edition of animal rescue, we have the tale of how a fox was saved, all thanks to a rescuer working with RSPCA Frontline.

Shared on the organisation’s official Twitter handle, the post details this happy rescue story along with images of the animal. Turns out, when one of the rescuers of the organisation reached to rescue a fox she thought it’s too later for the animal. It’s because it was entangled in a net and also had a netting glove wedged in its mouth. However, the rescuer – refusing to give up – detected a heartbeat. She quickly acted to free the animal from the net and cleared his air pathways too by taking out the glove. Thanks to her quick actions, the animal is now recovering well.

Take a look at the images shared with the tweet:

“Thank you so much for your work. I find it incredibly inspiring to follow your efforts here,” wrote a Twitter user. Another individual simply wrote, “thank you” to express their gratitude.

This is not the only instance where the RSPCA Frontline rescuers helped animals to get to safety. Just last month, they rescued two little birds who were sitting in the middle of a bustling road. In that particular rescue mission, they also received help from a special four-legged hero – a dog. It’s the dog that first spotted the birds.

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