Rahul Khanna: Suit up: Pocket square or safari suit?

Pocket that!

Can a different pocket square really make the same jacket appear different? I don’t buy it… convince me it can!

—PC, Via email

If you want aggressive convincing, might I suggest a stint in the judiciary? All I can present to you here is that a pocket square is just an accessory. If it doesn’t work for you, move along. Personally, I like colourful, patterned ones for casual occasions and simple silk ones for formal events. My favourite are crisply-ironed white linen ones, arranged into a presidential fold (a thin horizontal rectangle sticking out of your breast pocket). If your aim is to get more mileage from your suits, I would advocate switching up your trousers. I rest my case, your honour!

Suit yourself

Can the safari suit still work? Give me some ideas.

—Mukesh Sobhnani, Via email

Hell yeah! I’ve always thought it was such a cool, retro look. But it requires panache to pull off. For starters, make sure it’s in a nice fabric (A thick beige linen? A heavy ivory cotton?) and tailored well. It could work equally well for sundowners or a day of sightseeing (I might even do it with shorts instead of trousers). The key to looking great is feeling great, so it’s imperative that you like what you see in the mirror before stepping out. You’ll know you did it right if you find you’ve gone from hunter to hunted! Grrrr…

Rahul Khanna is a “boutique actor”, whose sartorial statements and good looks often send hearts aflutter. He goes by @mrkhanna on Instagram

From HT Brunch, December 27, 2020

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