Raaga meets a cappella: This melodious rendition of Albela Sajan may mesmerize you. Watch

The pandemic-induced lockdown situation may have brought many things to a halt, but it surely couldn’t halt artists from creating something unique. This video of a classical a cappella rendition of a popular bandish is a perfect example of that. Performed by classical singers Antara Nandy and Abby V, the melodious creation is one you should not miss.

The clip shared on Nandy’s Instagram shows both the singers performing the song along with vocalising every instrument in the track. The track contains 20 separate layers of music formed distinctly and then arranged accordingly. Based on the Ahir Bhairav raaga, the bandish Albela Sajan has been spontaneously infused with the Marathi folk dance number Apsaara Ali.

However, what may surprise you is how both the singers coordinated with each other about the project from two corners of the world. From his residence in Toronto, Canada Abby made sure to pass on his notes to Nandy residing in India virtually. “We connected two months ago via Instagram and decided to do something on the classical genre,” Nandy told HT. “Since there are no preprogrammed sounds in a cappella, I was doing 5 layers in the track and in the jugalbandi I recorded the palta version and sent my part to Abby while he did the akar,” she added.

Check out the clip:

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Shared on December 11, the clip has garnered over 1.1 lakh views along with more than 17,000 likes.

“I wanted to introduce this new series as I wanted to do an a cappella arrangement with a classical track,” Abby said while speaking to HT. “We vocalised the base chords, high and low notes. For percussion we used a wooden cutting board, shakers, some clapping and snapping,” he explained.

Netizens were mesmerized with the clip. Here’s what they had to say.

“Oh. My. God! Such mastery on display. Thank you both for this!” wrote an Instagram user. “This version is so incredible. I am spellbound,” commented another. “This was just amazing and especially the last part was so bizarre with all those taans and aalaps…just loved it,” expressed a third.

“Please come up with more collabs like this,” requested a fourth.

What do you think of this classical a cappella?

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