Primate feeds lion cub using bottle. ‘Heart = melted,’ says Twitter

Primates, who share similar genetic mark-up with humans, are often seen exhibiting behaviours not unlike our own. This video, recently shared on Twitter, showcases that perfectly.

Though unknown when or where the video was captured, it has now left people amazed after being tweeted by IFS officer Susanta Nanda. The clip shows something simple yet heartwarming. It shows a primate feeding, what appears to be milk, a lion cub using a bottle. What makes the video even more delightful to watch is the kiss that the primate places on the cub’s head towards the end.

With over 31,000 views and close to 3,900 likes, the video has now left many impressed. It has also promoted people to write that the video is undeniably cute. There were some who also wrote, “We humans don’t deserve animals” to showcase their expressions.

“Heart = melted,” wrote a Twitter user and many seconded the expression. “Lovely, it is so cute,” commented another. “One baby feeding another,” tweeted a third. “It just occurred to me… We humans also adopt and raise babies of different species. Think of dogs. We usually bring them home when they’re puppies, not adults,” wrote another and it is indeed a point to ponder on.

“Aww… the kiss,” wrote a Twitter user. Did that gesture of the primate melt your heart in puddle too?

What do you think of the video?

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