Panthers Party expels founder Bhim Singh for taking part in PAGD meet

The Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party on Saturday expelled its founder Professor Bhim Singh for taking part in the PAGD meeting at the Bhatindi residence of former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Farooq Abdullah.

Party chairman and former minister Harsh Dev Singh said, “He has grown old and at times makes unwise statements and decisions. Hence, he has been removed from all posts of the party.”

“He went there in a personal capacity,” he said, adding that the party had asked Bhim not to attend the meeting.

“We are against the PAGD’s anti-national agenda and cannot sympathise with those promoting it,” he said.

Harsh also made it clear that Panthers Party has nothing to do with PAGD and its anti-national agenda.

Earlier, Bhim thanked Farooq for inviting him over for a cup of tea at the PAGD meeting to and seek his stand in resolving the crisis in J&K. Bhim told the senior Kashmiri leadership that he stood for restoration of statehood without delay, with all fundamental rights provided in the Indian Constitution.

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