Netizens left bamboozled after remains of an unidentified 15-foot-long creature wash up on a British beach

Is it an elephant? Is it a whale? Is it a monster? These seem to be some of the questions crowding netizens’ minds after seeing these pictures of a creature’s remains washed up on a beach.

Five pictures were posted to the Ainsdale Community Group on Facebook on July 29. “Can anyone guess what this is on Ainsdale Beach. Elephant? Whale? Monster? Bizarrely it has/had 4 flippers. Most odd. Was approx 15ft long,” reads the text shared alongside the images.

The photographs show what many have dubbed the ‘Ainsdale Anomaly’, lying on a beach in Merseyside, England. Check them out below to try and decipher what this being may have been:

Since being shared on Facebook, this post has captured netizens’ attention. It currently has over 400 shares and nearly 600 comments.

Here is what Facebook users had to say about this mysterious beast. One person said, “A woolly mammoth? Yes, I’m aware they’re extinct but honestly what it looks like to me”.

Another individual said, “The way 2020 is going it could be a dinosaur”. To this, somebody responded, “Or an alien”.

“So that’s why the Loch Ness monster hasn’t been seen for a while,” read one funny comment under the post.

Stephen Ayliffe, Senior Advisor at Natural England, has said that the animal in a poorly decomposed state appears to be a species of a whale even though its identification is still unconfirmed, reports The Sun.

What are your thoughts on the snapshots? Any guesses about what the unusual creature may be?

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