Netizens are showing this woman’s lowkey cooking account lots of love because of this sweet post

Many may agree with us when we say that tiny gestures of kindness can go a long way. Here is a Reddit post that proves the same.

Shared to the subreddit ‘made me smile’ on July 4, this rather modest post has brought sprinkles of unexpected joy into a woman’s life. The original poster shared a photo of Rabia Ahmad’s cooking Instagram account. The image was accompanied with text reading, “I found my Asian aunty’s secret cooking page, she puts in a lot of effort, and to her credit, the videos are fairly well made. Unfortunately, she only has 6 followers and only a few likes yet she still thanks all of her ‘supporters’. I found this really wholesome and it made me smile”.

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The original poster wasn’t the only one touched by Ahmad’s efforts. The share received over 4,200 upvotes and nearly 400 comments. More importantly, many on the subreddit decided to follow Ahmad on Instagram to show support. Her follower count grew from six to more than 1,500 in a span of a few hours due to said post.

Here is what Redditors had to say about the wholesome share. One person said, “All aboard the Rabia food train”. Another individual wrote, “Let’s raid aunty’s ‘gram, Reddit. We’ve gotchu’, yo”.

“Woahhh this comment thread is so wholesome,” read one comment on the subreddit. “I haven’t logged into Insta in a year but became follower 35 for her page,” stated a Reddit user.

The original poster informed everyone of Ahmad’s reaction when stating, “Guys btw, I talked to her daughter and she told me that her mum was essentially jumping up and down from excitement. Hopefully, we can get her to even more followers by the time she wakes up tomorrow. You guys are great and have done an amazing thing making this woman happy”.

What are your thoughts on this community of netizens coming together to support chef Ahmad?

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