Mumbai school holds week-long event on importance of health and hygiene

With the aim to intensify awareness on the importance of nutrition to boost the immune system during the time of the pandemic, Rizvi Springfield High School (CBSE), Khar conducted ‘Health and Hygiene Week’.

Numerous studies have shown that healthier students tend to perform better as they have higher attendance and are able to concentrate better, which leads to better grades. In view of this, the school made time for physical activity and nutrition as an investment in higher academic performance of the students.

With the objective to educate the students about physical, mental, emotional and social health, the week-long activity was organised for the students from Class 1 to class 10.

School principal Sangeeta Uniyal said, “The health of our children is fundamental to the future progress of our country, and hence health and well-being are important features of our curriculum.”

During the events, students learnt the importance of healthy habits, establishing and following routines, healthy eating and physical well-being.

Various activities, conducted using a digital platform, were planned for each day. On the first day, the students were encouraged to prepare sprouted moong bhel using healthy veggies. The objective was to inculcate healthy food habits and awareness regarding the choice of food.

The second day focused on the importance on health and hygiene as part of which students were made aware about the importance of hygiene to be maintained during this Pandemic. An online session was organised by the teachers on how the virus is transmitted through direct contact with respiratory droplets of an infected person, and touching surfaces contaminated with the virus.

The third day was dedicated to free-hand exercises where students performed exercises under the guidance of the physical training teacher.

The students also learnt about the importance of physical fitness to increase the immune system.

A webinar, Health talk, was also organised for the students to discuss problems faced during the pandemic with expert speakers Dr Neerja Hajela and Sneha Panchal.

On the fourth day, teachers encouraged students to create slogans to spread awareness on Covid-19 pandemic, whereas on the fifth day students presented innovative video messages on the precautions to be taken. The events of the next day were planned to inform the students about the consumption of fruits as part of regular diet. The school arranged fun, engaging activities on the theme where students shared the nutrient values of their favourite fruits.

For the last day, the students were asked to prepare food pyramid chart showing the constituents of a balanced diet. The events through the week say zealous participation of the students. The most active students were awarded with ‘Eat Right Champion’ badges.

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