‘Monolith’ appears at San Francisco, this time with a gingerbread twist

Unless you stay far away from the Internet, there’s a high possibility that you may have heard about the monoliths making headlines across the world. From Utah to Romania, these shiny metal objects appeared at random places. There is a latest addition to that list but this time with a Christmas twist. Topped with frosting and gumdrops, a gingerbread tower popped in Corona Heights Park, San Francisco.

It wasn’t long before people took to Twitter to share images and videos of the structure. Just like this post by founder of the Gyroscope App Ananda Sharma. Set against a gorgeous backdrop, here’s how the structure looks:

In a following tweet, he also shared a video with addition of a rainbow to the scene:

Sharma further added how the structure smelled really good:

“Gingerbread monolith atop Corona Heights in San Francisco this morning. And it was briefly framed by a rainbow to boot,” wrote another and shared these images:

Another individual shared the images with this witty tweet, “A mysterious gingerbread monolith appeared at corona heights park. Apparently the aliens are feeling festive.”

“Looks like a great spot to get baked,” San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department General Manager Phil Ginsburg told KQED. “We will leave it up until the cookie crumbles,” Ginsburg added. Also, the GM further detailed that the confectionary tower will be left where it is for a while because people “deserve a little bit of magic right now.”

What are your thoughts about this incident?

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