“Money or fame? I’d pick money!” says actor Elli AvrRam

That the super girly Elli AvrRam has an adventurous streak came across when the Swedish actor tried her hand at karting and took to Instagram to share her experience. Her picture in a karting suit was captioned ‘First time racing, and boy it was wild!!’

However, she believes in numerology. Since Elli AvrRam is not her real name, she thought it’s cool to give it an extra r. “Only if I can keep it capital, since it looks cooler and gives character to the name. So, when I saw the look of it, I actually fell in love with my artist name. And therefore went ahead with it!” she says. The fun-loving actor and ex-Bigg Boss contestant has kept fans entertained through the lockdown, by sharing candid moments of her life on social media. This time, she gives us a peek into her bedroom secrets!

Your most favourite city to sleep in?

Back home in Stockholm, Sweden, because it’s so quiet at night and I sleep the best when it’s completely silent. Apart from home, my favourite city to sleep is New York City, the noise you wake up to is like in a movie.

List three things nobody knows about you. 

I was very naughty along with my bestie, as a child. I am madly in love with my adopted cat child, Charles. And I flew down to Sweden to surprise my father on his 50th birthday. 

Do you like television in the bedroom?

No television in either of my bedrooms.

Any bedtime stories you remember?

I remember my mother reading out Greek mythology to me.

Tell us a bedtime habit that you have outgrown.

Writing a personal diary.

One relationship rule you always follow…?

100 per cent honesty.

What is the best thing about acting?

That you get to live many lives in one lifetime.

A Health Shot for our readers…?

Colloidal silver.

Describe yourself in a hashtag.


Bedside stories

What’s your favourite breakfast in bed?

Papaya, a sunny side up and my gluten-free bread.

Your preferred side of the bed is…?

I literally take over the bed… I am a queen that way!

What’s on your bedside table?

A bottle of water. But on my bed I have two stuffed toys, one is Mr Froggy and the other is Nemo, I bought from the Maldives.

What do you wear to bed?

I am a pyjama girl!

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

I switch off the alarm and stretch.

This or that

Instagram or Twitter?


Beaches or mountains?


Big party or small gathering?

Small gathering

Money or fame?

Very tricky. I think I would say money!

Movies or Web series?


From HT Brunch, December 27, 2020

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