Mister Bear the cat picks a fight with a rug, somehow gets defeated. Watch

Cats can be quite feisty and can take on anything and anyone. There are videos which show cats taking on dogs twice or thrice their size like it’s no big deal. But then again, random things can also scare cats. Recently, we saw a video of a cat that was scared of its own meow. And now here’s a cat that can’t deal with a rug lying around the house.

A video, shared on Mister Bear the cat’s own Instagram account, shows him picking a fight with a blue rug. For the first few seconds it looks like this may be the end the rug. However, suddenly, as if sensing the rug’s real powers, the cat gets startled mid-fight and jumps away from it.

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Friyay feels. 🧸

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Shared four days ago, the video has collected over 20,000 views and quite a few reactions.

“Mandatory fight with the rug! I’m the same,” commented a fellow cat. “Someone’s got the cray crays,” wrote another.

Well, we’re not sure the rug and Mister Bear made up after this fight but it sure looked interesting.

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