Mar Thoma Metropolitan, head of Marthoma Christian community, passes away at 90

Joseph Mar Thoma, the spiritual head of the Marthoma Christian community, died in Thiruvalla (Pathanamthitta) district in Kerala in the early hours of Sunday. Joseph Mar Thoma was 90 at the time of his passing.

He was the head of the Marthoma Christian community since 2007. Earlier in June, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated celebrations on his 90th birth anniversary. The Marthoma Christian community has considerable followers, many of whom saw Joseph Mar Thoma as a leader with vision and compassion who stood for the betterment of humanity.

The Marthoma Syrian church is a reformed oriental Syrian church based in Kerala. The Marthoma Christian community community members believe they are the descendants of St. Thomas, one of Jesus Christ’s 12 apostles. The indigenised church also runs many educational and health institutions in the country.

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