Man’s perfect ping pong trick shot leaves netizens impressed. Watch

Among the many entertaining videos available on the Internet, some have the capability of making one say, “Wow! How did they do that!.” This video posted by a former state level table tennis player named Harish perfectly describes the said genre. Chances are you will play the video on loop because it is super impressive.

Shared on Instagram, the clip shows Harish hitting a ping pong ball with a table tennis bat. What happens next may blow your mind.

Take a look at the video:

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Definitely one of my top 5 trickshots 😎 #tabletennis #pingpong #trickshots #trickshot #reeltoreel #reelit #reelsinstagram #darts #dartboard

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If you are still rubbing your eyes in disbelief you will be amazed to know that Harish has been doing these trick shots for over 4 years now. “For difficult tricks, it takes more than 2 hours to capture the trick shot. It is not as much about the number of attempts to do a trick shot, it’s more about the setup and having every small detail under control. The trick shot happens in lesser time if we control the variables associated with a shot,” Harish told HT while describing how he achieved the feat.

After watching the video if you also had the question how the glass got stuck so smoothly on the dart board, then you’re not alone. Several netizens shared the query in the post’s comments section.

While talking to HT, Harish described how he managed to do that. “The glass had a small part of a dart attached to the bottom of the cup,” added Harish. That is what made it possible to get stuck to the board.

Posted on October 16, the clip has garnered over 2,200 views along with many amazed comments from netizens. While some were surprised with the skillful trick shot, others couldn’t stop praising the perfectly timed cup throw. Many showed their appreciation for the clip with fire emojis.

“Woah! That was insane man!” wrote an Instagram user. “This is amazing,” commented another.

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