Man’s card shuffling skills leave netizens wanting for more. Watch

If you’re looking for content that can be categorised as ‘oddly satisfying’ to watch, then this video of a man shuffling cards super smoothly may do the trick for you. Shared on Instagram user Avijit Singh’s profile, the video will prompt you to watch it on loop.

The clip starts with a closeup of Singh’s hands holding a deck of cards. Throughout the video, he keeps on showcasing different ways of shuffling the deck, and each of them makes for a soothing and satisfying watch.

“Waterbender, judo flip and other moves,” reads the caption defining some of the tricks in the video.

Check out the amazing clip:

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Posted on October 11, the video has garnered more than a million views and lots of reactions from netizens. People didn’t hold back while praising Singh’s skills. Many also dropped the fire emojis in the comments section to express their liking for the video.

“This is soo satisfying,” wrote an Instagram user. “Just amazing! Watching this on loop,” commented another. “So hypnotic,” expressed a third.

“Please do more videos like this. So satisfying,” said a fourth.

What are your thoughts on this video?

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