Man sings opera in reply to cat’s hissing, feline’s reaction is epic. Watch

Cat parents are all too well familiar with the antics of their feline kids. They do tons of stuff which the parents mostly tolerate, either out of their love or maybe because they’re too afraid to contradict their furry kids. Sadly, we’ll never know the real reason. This parent of a grey-coloured cat, however, is a contradiction to that rule and this video, which is now going all sorts of viral, shows how.

Shared on Twitter, the video is about 11-second-long. The clip opens with the cat hissing at its parents. Instead of letting go of this usual antic of the feline, the man decides to reply by singing opera. What follows next is so hilarious that chances are you’ll find yourself laughing out loud.

Take a look at the video:

With close to 1.8 million views, the video has now evoked a wide range of emotions in people. While some wrote the video made them laugh, not everyone was impressed. There were many who took the kitty’s side and called it a “poor boi”, some also showered love with a wish that it would make the feline feel better.

“Put me down! Oh hell, it’s singing, stop it from singing!” wrote a Twitter user trying to guess the cat’s perspective. “Poor cat, what a torture. No wonder the cat is so mean. It has to put up with his human singing,” expressed another. “Ha, ha! The cat’s face!” wrote a third. “Best video ever,” commented a fourth. “aww poor boi, sending love your way,” expressed a fifth.

What do you think of the video?

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