Lunar Eclipse or Chandra Grahan 2018: Impact on Rashi or Zodiac Signs

Lunar Eclipse or Chandra Grahan 2018 impact on Rashi or Zodiac Signs: As the world will witness the longest lunar eclipse in a century on July 27, let's take a look at how it will affect your zodiac signs.

Lunar Eclipse or Chandra Grahan 2018 impact on Rashi or Zodiac Signs: The longest lunar eclipse in a century will take place on the night of July 27 and will continue till the wee hours of July 28 – a duration of one hour and 43 minutes. During this celestial phenomenon, one will witness a blood moon, a rare phenomenon when the Earth’s natural satellite will acquire a reddish hue.

According to astrology, this period will have an immense effect on your zodiac sign. Let’s take a look at what changes will follow:



A natural born leader, you will step into a powerful role around this time and it may affect your mind. It will lead you to experience both the highs and lows of life. But the most affected area for Aries will be in the career sector as they will enjoy work and will also be assigned more responsibilities.


The lunar eclipse may not be a good time for Taurus as this may be a time of frustration and disappointment and astrology warns you to be cautious during this period. Keep your personal issues separate from your professional ones.


Geminis may suffer from health problems. If you are dealing with people in the wrong way, it will lead to pain and suffering. But on the brighter side, if someone close to you is going through difficult times, they will be able to overcome it with your help.


If you are married, the energy of the blood Moon may not be a good time for your domestic life. There maybe arguments and extra-marital relationships might come into the light. On the other hand, you can expect good news on legal matters.


For Leo’s, it is a time of positivity in both personal and professional relationships. You will achieve the goal you had set out for. If you had any money-related problems, it will get resolved.


Financially, it will be a good time, and you will be determined to resolve all your problems and difficulties. Lifestyle changes are predicted. Differences in love life may lead to certain issues. For students, this is a time for success.


This may not be a good time for you personally as there may be unresolved issues with your mother and also you may face health-related problems. Your struggles may get more highlighted and lead to worries and tensions. Looking into your problems before they grow is the way to settle your issues.


Expect things to get better, personally and financially. Despite spending a lot of money, things will get back to normal. But you may get tangled in heated arguments with your close ones, so you need to be extra careful and not behave rudely with anyone or else it may cause disruptions in your life.


During this time, most of your pending projects will be completed. Although the eclipse will provide a lot of hurdles along your way, you will overcome all of it and pick up your usual pace once again. Expect mixed results when it comes to financial matters.


Problems related to both personal and professional relationships will be on the rise. Even health issues like organ failure may occur if you don’t take care of yourself. Avoid taking any big decisions or a job change during this time. But this is a transient phase and once it ends, things will get better soon.


Not an auspicious time for Aquarius, this phase may result in unexpected problems because of planetary changes. Instead of getting into arguments and losing your temper, you need to be patient. Financially too, things may not be smooth. Avoid going on longer journeys.


Firstly, stay away from manipulative people and make decisions with your head instead of listening to your heart.  Problems faced by you will take a back seat during this period and financially too, it will be a great time. If you are facing any problems in your relationships, expect it to get resolved.

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