Love or war? How couples are managing working from home together

The recent scenario of lockdown has forced all and sundry to set up offices inside their homes. The Internet is flooded with videos and photos of people trying to navigate through all the ‘obstacles’ while adjusting to their new workspace. Among these are also the posts which show what happens when your partner suddenly become your new co-worker. Let us take you through some such hilarious posts which show situations faced by couples trying to work together.

This woman’s husband is already questioning her habits:

We all have one work colleague who is made the scapegoat for the tiniest mishaps in office. This couple introduced a stuffed toy as that colleague.

Many may relate to this woman’s rant about her boyfriend’s cooking skills.

Divorce over a biscuit? May have happened if this guy didn’t step in.

This aww-dorabale post might make you wish for a bae like this.

While working, many may lose track of their surroundings and this post describes how that turns out during a work from home setting.

And keeping the best for the last, you’ll definitely fall in love with this couple who found a quirky way to make the days of lockdown fun for each other.

My wife likes to scare me at home… from r/funny

Are you enjoying all the time with your spouse or the picture is not so pretty? Let us know.

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