Learners prefer job-relevant skills, surge in mental health courses in 2020: Report

Python, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning continue to be the top tech skills while soft skills and personal development courses become popular as the workplace scenario changes.

Like in the previous years, this year too, many learners in India have preferred technology skills like Python, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning however, soft skills have gained significant popularity, as per online learning platform Coursera. Courses on Covid-19, physical fitness, mental health and happiness, along with psychology in the healthcare domain, were among the most subscribed courses on the platform in 2020.

These courses highlight, as per the platform, learners in India are striving to develop critical tech, business and data skills and simultaneously gain control of their mental health.

The report claims Indians turned to online learning to better understand the ways in which they are impacted and how to take care of mental and physical health.

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Here is the list of 10 most popular courses in India

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