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Evam and The Hindu bring some laughs to the city with ‘Not Getting Wiser’

“My family is my inspiration. The show will show how my wife and I manage our two teenage children. It is going to be fun,” promises Amit Tandon. This artiste from Mumbai is ready to perform Not Getting Wiser, a stand-up comedy show in on January 18. The event is organised by Evam Standup Tamasha in association with The Hindu as a part of their South Indian comedy festival called Laugh Ok Please. “I always loved comedy. I did my first performance in 2010. I participated in many open mics and corporate shows before I released my first video in YouTube in 2016,” says Amit. He has come a long way since then. This 43-year-old is one of the three Indians- along with Aditi Mittal and Atul Khatri- to feature in the Comedians of the World in Netflix that premièred on January 1. “I was initially sceptical. But now I am glad that I did it.” He describes his jokes as clean and relateable. “This is why my videos ends up in family groups in Whatsapp.” He says that being a stand up comedian is not easy. “A lot of work goes into it. I write the script and perform it in around 30 open mics before my show. This helps me to sharpen my timing and to see which jokes work.” He has done around 13000 shows in the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong-Kong, Sweden, Germany, Ireland and India. “In 2017, I went to perform six shows in the US. The performance was such a hit that I ended up doing 52 across 30 cities. It was crazy.”

A majority of his audience for his bi-lingual shows abroad are Indians and Pakistanis. “They miss their country and my jokes bring back their memories of home.” His shows are usually 75-90 minutes long. “I speak a mix of English and Hindi. It is the urban language.” Amit learned a lot over the years. “Earlier I panicked if my audience did not laugh. Now I have the confidence and know the tricks and how to bring them around my jokes.” He says that the scope for stand up shows has improved now. “Thanks to the internet. With social media, artistes can now publish their work and have a global reach without depending on anyone.” He plans to have more shows in the future. “I will tour Canada, the US and the UK with the show from March.”

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January 18; 7:00 pm

@ Corporation Kalaiarangam, TV Swamy Road, R.S. Puram

Tickets available from ₹250

Visit for tickets

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Other artistes in the show include Azeem Banatwalla, Sahil Shah, Sorabh Pant, Vikash Paul, Jagan Krishnan and Williams Rajkumar

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