Langurs ‘join’ online class as kid studies at home. Pic leaves tweeple fascinated

A picture of a child’s online class at home is collecting several reactions on Twitter. The image shows a regular scene seen in most houses – a child sitting in front of a table with books and some stationery, looking into the screen of phone during the online class. What’s caught people’s attention is three langurs sitting outside room on the window also ‘participating’ in the class.

The image has been circulating on social media for a while but once again caught the attention of people after it was posted by Twitter user @nileshtrivedi. “What a fascinating picture! (Source: unknown)” he wrote as the caption for the image while sharing it on his handle.

The image was also posted back in September by IAS officer Awanish Sharan on his Twitter handle. The image collected several reactions when it was posted.

Once again, the image has caught people’s attention. Since being shared on October 12, the image has received over 3,200 likes and more than 400 retweets along with several reactions. While some mentioned their concerns about kids having to sit in front of screens and their use of ear phones, many others shared their surprise and delight over the scene captured in the image.

“Wow ! So much to say and feel in one picture,” shared an individual. “3 monkeys on the window make the picture more fascinating,” added another. “Backbenchers looks bored!” posted a third.

What do you think about the picture?

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