Kathadi’s ‘Honeymoon couple’ is back

Kathadi Ramamurthi is reviving the rollicking play in memory of Crazy Mohan

One of veteran Kathadi Ramamurthi’s popular stage plays is being revived. His team is busy with the rehearsals of ‘Honeymoon Couple,’ which regaled theatre audience four decades ago. The play will be staged today, September 13 at the Narada Gana Sabha Main Hall under the auspices of Karthik Fine Arts, Brahma Gana Sabha and Parthasarathy Swamy Sabha. Written by R. Mohan, the script and the dialogue left the viewers in stitches. And who is R. Mohan? None other than Crazy Mohan.

Kathadi Ramamurthy plays the role of Ramani, an employee, who does not want to work at all. When the boss fires him, he happily goes on a second honey moon trip to Ooty. His humorous adventures in the hill station forms the rest of the story. Revival is the trend now but Kathadi has chosen this play as a homage to Crazy Mohan. “Writer K.K. Raman, who wrote many plays for us introduced me to R. Mohan,” says Ramamurthi in a nostalgic mood. “He was a young man and I asked him to come up with a subject. A couple of days later he came with a huge bundle of nearly 400 pages of script. I was laughing non-stop reading it. But it was impossible to fit the entire script into a two-hour play. We used 130 pages of the script, which was “Honeymoon Couple.” It was a big success. I just couldn’t come to terms with Mohan’s demise and decided to revive this play,” he adds.

But several issues have to be dealt with when a classic is reprised. For instance the cast. “Yes,” agrees Ramamurthi. Some of the actors are no more. That includes Kollywood’s ‘James Bond’ Jaishankar, who played the role of ‘Soolai Jabamani.’ Another aspect was the running time. With stage plays reduced to 90-minute affairs, Kathadi deleted some characters. “Julie, which was played by Mohan himself with such elan does not figure in this version,” he says. “We have reduced the play, using only 70 pages of his script. I felt really bad doing that but one had to be practical. But Mohan being a natural with humour, the result is still rollicking,” assures Ramamurthi.

The play was released as a DVD by Swathi. “We have made an effort to bring to the audience their favourite. I hope that more sabhas will give a platform to this play, which is nothing but a humble tribute to Mohan and his genius,” signs off Kathadi Ramamurthi.

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