Jeff Bezos’s net worth measured in rice. Watch how much it is

This TikToker has found a way to measure Jeff Bezos’s, the richest man in the world, wealth in a manner that would make Bloomberg Billionaires Index jealous. Humphrey Yang, who calls himself a personal finance Youtuber, has recently gone viral on another platform for showing people the Amazon founder’s wealth using uncooked rice.

In his TikTok, Yang equated $100,000 to a single grain of rice. Initially Yang counted 10,000 grains to visually represent a billion dollars for his viewers. This definitely does not look like the easiest task.

Soon people were asking him how much Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is worth in terms of rice. So Humphrey got a scale, which he definitely did not order on Amazon, and got to work.


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According to his calculations, which were influenced by data from Forbes, he said Bezos is worth 58 pounds of rice which equals to about $122 billion. Though the billionaire’s net worth may have changed since the initial release of the video because of the turbulent nature of global financial markets, netizens, nevertheless, got a pretty good idea about their own standing on the world wealth ladder.

While the video had some feeling sad, some were using this method to make other calculations.“Great work! This also makes me very depressed. Average household makes 60 thousand? That’s like what, 3/5 of the single grain of rice?!”, wrote a Twitter user.

And, here’s how others expressed themselves:

Twitter may have been divided in its discussion about wealth distribution and taxation in the thread, but there were many irreverent responses focusing on the silver lining of the Mac keyboard.

Though your rice worth may not weigh as much as Jeff Bezos’s, this is definitely a unique way to measure one’s salary next month. Don’t you agree?

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