Indian Railways tweets about new foot operated handwash kiosk

The spread of the pandemic has prompted people to come up with new techniques and ideas to ensure more safety. Keeping this in mind, Indian Railways is trying to come up with different innovations. Earlier, the Ministry of Railways tweeted about a device that ensures and reminds people to maintain proper social distancing from one another. Now, the handle has posted about yet another innovation.

In the post, shared last evening, Ministry of Railways tweeted about foot-operated handwash kiosks.

“Our safety is in our hands!” says the tweet. “Foot operated Handwash KIOSK designed keeping in mind COVID precautions, installed at KSR Bengaluru station of South Western Railway,” the ministry further shared.

The tweet is complete with picture of the kiosk that has a sign on it which reads, “Touch free hand wash”. The kiosk, comprising four basins, shows each one with a tap for water and another above it for dispensing soap. At the bottom of the basin you can see two pedals – stepping on one will make the tap run and the other is for the soap. Take a look:

Since being shared, the tweet has collected several positive reactions along with over 2,000 likes.

“I appreciate it. Thanks Railways and try to apply on every station all over India as soon as possible,” posted one. “No sir, by seeing this we can say out safety is in our legs,” joked another. “Amazing water and liquid soap processing system,” commented a third. “Very good initiative… appreciated,” wrote a fourth.

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