India will have more transactional relation if Trump comes back to power: Tharoor

The world is curiously waiting to know whether the Democrats or Republicans would secure the majority in the presidential election and get the mandate to govern the United States for the next four years. Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden is leading the race with 264 votes while President Donald Trump is at 214.

Speaking on the presidential election, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor, in an exclusive interview to Hindustan Times, and said that India’s relation with the US would be more transactional if Donald Trump (a Republican) comes back to power.

“The four years of Trump have not been an unmitigated blessing for India,” said the Congress leader.

However, Tharoor highlighted that the relation between the two countries is secure irrespective of whoever wins.

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“Relations between big countries are not about individuals. I would argue that the relationship between the two countries is bipartisan – that is whether Democrats win or Republicans, it is going to be an important relationship for them. And in India whether BJP is in power or Congress, it’s an important relationship for us,” he added.

Citing the ‘Howdy Modi’ event in Texas last year and India’s ‘Namaste Trump’ welcome to the US President in February 2020, the Congress leader said these two events have led people to assume that the relations between the two countries will improve.

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Speaking about Trump, Tharoor highlighted some of the instances where the US President has not been friendly with India.

“Trump has not been ideal for India. I mean look at his stand on trade and tariffs, immigrant and work visas, even on environmental policies,” said Tharoor. He also pointed out Trump’s “Indian air is filthy” jibe during his second presidential debate with rival Biden.

While talking about the Democratic Party, which has fielded Biden and Kamala Harris and as Presidential and Vice Presidential nominee, Tharoor said Democrats have been identified with a pro-democracy and pro-human rights posture adding that they won’t be as indifferent towards India’s domestic politics as Trump has been towards issues such as Kashmir and Hindutva.

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