‘I intend to be part of serious, subjective and experimental stories’

Born in Lucknow, actor, poet, filmmaker Taranjit Kaur, loves showing off her northern connect. “I was born in the city of nawabs and still have my relatives there. Before shifting to Chandigarh for studies, as my father was in railways, I travelling all over northern India. I love this connect and feel proud that my hometown is getting its due now, with more stories and shootings being planned there. Hope all the untold stories reach the audience,” said the ‘Airlift’ actor.

Taranjit has been associated with mix of cinema, theatre and documentary making. “My idea of storytelling is very much based on art cinema. I intend to be part of serious, subjective and experimental stories which is real cinema for me though commercial films with meaty script also influence me as an actor.”

Talking about her work the talented actor said, “I joined theatre company when I was a teenager and soon got opportunities to travel with the group. Later, I also organised children’s acting workshop before shifting to Kolkata with my sister. It was there I got to act in a few short films and I tried documentary making too. My first short film was ‘Raju’ that won Student Oscar Academy Award. Next was critically acclaimed film ‘Ankhon Dekhi’. I also worked appeared in films like ‘Saanjh,’ ‘Murder on the Road to Kathmandu’ and ‘Poppy’, these films brought me closer to art cinema.”

Taranjit made her English film debut by playing the role of a coal miner in the British film ‘Mouth of Hell’ (2014). “Besides acting I love writing poems and find my stories there, that’s how my upcoming short film ‘Love Sex Soprano’ being directed by Shreemoyee Bhattacharya was scripted by me and is based on one of my poems. I am both acting and producing the film that is set for a November end release.” Besides, she is doing a feature film along with actor Annup Sonii.

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